New Rules for Portfolio Landlords

Phase 1 of the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) changes to buy-to-let mortgage lending were introduced in January 2017 and introduced stricter affordability tests, including a stress test on interest rate rises, for buy-to-let landlords. Now, the industry is preparing for Phase 2 which is targeting new rules for Portfolio Landlords. (Portfolio landlords

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Property remains a viable investment

Despite the doom and gloom amongst some landlords about whether property remains a viable investment there remain several reasons why landlords can continue to generate wealth through property. Here are some of the main reasons why property remains a viable investment. Rents are predicted to continue to rise There are many variable predictions about the future

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New Website

New Website Launched

We have launched our new website at Since our inception Source Property Investment has gone from strength to strength finding, buying and letting new properties for existing and first-time landlords. Our strategy of providing a personal service for a select group of investors remains unchanged. We are not aiming at the mass market but instead

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After the election now what?

What’s the impact of the election on the housing market and our financial prospects? Property The political uncertainty resulting from the election of a minority government might encourage more of us to put off any thought of moving for a few months.  This would add to a property slow down which has already led to

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Safest Investments for Retirement & Cash Funds in Property

Investing retirement cash funds

For those many people who have been lucky enough to have either retired or will soon be retiring with a good value pension there is a dilemma about investing retirement cash funds. Typically, up to a quarter of the overall pension entitlement can be commuted for a tax-free cash sum.  For some this will be used to pay off outstanding

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Optimistic property prediction

Latest research from Barclays Bank gives an optimistic property prediction of the housing market over the next five years. The bank is predicting that prices across the UK will rise by 6.1 per cent by the end of 2021 – with significantly higher increases in some locations. The research uses factors including rental trends, employment levels

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Where should I buy my next property investment?

With so many changes impacting buy to let property investment many existing and prospective investors are struggling to find an answer the question of where should I buy my next property investment? London? South East? Northern Powerhouses? University Towns? This article helps you understand a bit more about how the markets are performing by experts

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Why house prices will rise

The reason According to a study by economists at the University of Reading presented to the Royal Economic Society, house prices will rise faster than salary growth because Britain will never build enough houses to make property supply outstrip demand. The economists (Geoffrey Meen, Alexander Mihailov and Yehui Wang) said when presenting their paper that

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House prices to rise by £52,000 by 2021

House Prices to Rise This week saw the release of some interesting predictions of relevance to any potential property investors hesitating about whether to enter the market at the current time.  The Centre for Economic and Business Research (“CEBR”) has surprised some in the industry by predicting that house prices are set to rise with the

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Property Investment

Property Investment – Where to Start

Property Investment – Where to Start Are you considering building a property investment portfolio but are not sure where to start?  Read on –  this will help you make the best possible start. What we do Source Property Investments specialise in finding and managing prime residential buy to let property in the UK. We find clients the

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Generation Rent

Once upon a time the archetypical image of a tenant was a twenty something sharing a flat with his/her friends but it appears that Generation Rent now includes a significantly older profile. The recently published English Housing Survey has found that out of a total rental population of 4.53million households there are now 1.038million in

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tax on buy to let

Do I pay Tax on a Buy to Let Property?

  Yes, unfortunately, you do pay tax on a buy to let property.  You are liable for tax when you buy, sell (or die in whilst still in ownership of the property) and on your income in between. This article covers the basics but we strongly recommend that you take advice from a tax expert

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Crossrail is nearing reality

Crossrail is Nearing Reality

  Crossrail is nearing reality – the project is now 80% complete! Although the full route won’t open until late next year an early indication that Crossrail is nearing reality will occur this May when the first trains will be run along the part of the route between Liverpool Street (Main Line) and Shenfield. Many

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capital growth

Trend in Property Capital Growth is Still Rising

Property Capital Growth 2016 The Official Statistic released by the Government in January show that the trend in property capital growth is still rising – up 6.7% on an annual basis. Many property investors have become concerned that the capital growth element of their buy to let property investment is coming under threat after several years

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Which way for rents?

  As many landlords and tenants ponder which way for rents, up down or unchanged, we look back at what happened last year and forward to what might happen this. Rents for residential properties – what happened in 2016 and what are the prospects for 2017? Rents in 2016 Based on the latest rental price

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buy to let lending

Harder Buy to let lending rules

New buy to let lending restrictions The government this week handed new powers to the Bank of England to regulate mortgage lending in the buy to let sector effectively ensuring harder buy to let lending rules. Because of the new powers the Bank’s financial policy committee, the guardians of financial stability, will now be able

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Landlords Investing in Travel

Why for Landlords Investing in travel makes sense. There is strong evidence that landlords investing in travel routes are seeing higher than average growth in both rental income and capital growth. The Crossrail experience bears this out with property prices booming along the route and tenants already queuing to get on board even though services

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Property investment for retirement

Property investment for retirement This month’s survey by the Office for National Statistics reveals that property investment for retirement is the most popular form of investment.   45% of respondents said that property was the best investment for retirement, a rise from 40 per cent in 2010.   This is almost twice as many as the 25% who

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